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App Update
New great app features for Trophies coming soon

The Atlassian tools Confluence and Jira are becoming more and more popular. Therefore, the demand for apps that complement the cloud applications and enable individual use cases is growing at the same time. The Atlassian ecosystem is thriving with more innovation than ever before, and that’s a great thing for both end users and app providers like us.

Since we launched the two apps Trophies for Confluence and Trophies for Jira, we have not charged a price for our unique gamification app. Till todaye, we have added many more features to our apps that where requested by you, our users. With today’s release, we are again releasing new features that will help you have even more fun working with Jira and Confluence in the future.

  • Custom Events – This is the most asked feature from our users. We have added an option to create custom events based on company focus and needs. Manage events based on projects, priority, status, resolution or more.
  • User Levels – make gamification more fun with the user levels.
  • Closed Groups – let your employees compete in smaller groups within their teams or departments.

A side effect of this is an increased demand for support and development teams to keep things running smoothly in more complex environments. Now it is time to adjust the pricing to reflect the amount of development and support that has gone into all of the new and improved features. On 1st of September, 2021 prices will go up to the levels outlined in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Since both apps, Trophies for Jira and Confluence, are affected by the changes, we have decided to offer all users who want to use both apps a 50% discount until the end of October. The prerequisite is that you are already using one of the mentioned apps. You will receive your discount code from us upon request.

We are looking forward to continue to inspire you with new app features and great new app ideas in the future!


By Luisa Diederichson: 3 minutes read

Send Confluence pages and blogs via e-mail

Send Confluence pages and blogs via e-mail

Share that perfectly formatted content
Confluence has an intuitive structure that makes it easy to set up, create, and find. Everything is organized into pages and sections – so simple. But what makes Confluence stand out when it comes to content creation are the templates. No matter what you do, from development, management, or HR to product requirements and marketing plans, you’ll find a template for you.


Give your content greater visibility
If you’re like us, much of your daily work runs through Confluence. It’s a place where you share company news, congratulate birthdays and milestones. It’s where your teams collaborate, where business plans are created, and where final deals are made.

But in the sea of all this content, some of it needs to be seen more often, and for some of it, Confluence is not the final destination. That’s why we created the Email this Page app.


Email Confluence pages
The Email this Page app adds an option to all Confluence pages with a short dialog to send the entire page content instead of just a link. You can use this app to send emails to Confluence users, groups, or external recipients.


The main advantages
First of all, you have control. Since some may want to restrict sharing of content outside the organization, we’ve made sure you have the ability to set permissions and security rules. You specify who can email pages, but also who can receive those emails.

The second benefit is the ability to add page breadcrumbs and attachments. If you’re doing research, you’ve certainly attached documents as additional sources. If you’re developing an app or web, you’ve added these screenshots to show what needs to be changed. Customer briefings and business proposals are packed with external files. We’ve gone a step further and enabled this feature by default so you don’t have to search for attachments. Of course, if you don’t need this feature, you can simply disable it in the Send Email dialog.


Leave your formatting untouched
Many content creation tools do not support formatting styles from other programs. For example, if you copy your text to another tool, everything can look messy, some parts of the text are too big, others are too small, some even have a background color.

The Email this page app supports Gmail, Outlook and Apple mobile and desktop app versions. This means that your text styles and formatting, text colors, bullets, fields, separators and more will remain unchanged.

While you don’t have to worry about how your content looks in an email, you should still keep in mind that some native Confluence macros may have a limited user interface due to email provider restrictions.


Let’s set it up

For the first step, you may need some help from your system administrator. Depending on which email provider you use, you may need to configure the outgoing mail server (SMTP) if you want to email Confluence pages.

After that, it’s your turn to determine details and set general rules. Here you can select the “sender name” that will be displayed in the notification emails, as well as the subject prefix that will be appended to the subject line of the emails.

The permissions and security rules already mentioned must also be set up now.


To wrap it up…
Why create separate emails and newsletters when you can share content you already have on Confluence? Once you’ve completed these steps, simply click the envelope icon on the right side of your page and send.

Whether you use Confluence for documentation or content management, you can make your job easier and save time by emailing this page.


Luisa Diederichs

5 minutes read

Breathe new life into your Confluence

Breathe new life into your Confluence

Is your Confluence page being neglected? There’s a new app called Cards and Panels that will make Confluence more engaging and readable.

Drive User Adoption by Creating an Engaging Confluence Page

You already know Confluence, the repository for your organization’s invaluable knowledge. Teams can collaborate, find  answers to questions and training materials, valuable documents, and read the latest blog posts. Except that it doesn’t work. Your team still bugs you by asking for answers they can find the wiki, and you know they didn’t look for it as hard as they claim.


So, why aren’t wikis living up to their promise?

It’s Not Confluence’s Fault…

If your team isn’t using Confluence effectively, it’s not because it isn’t useful. It’s probably because it hasn’t been set up in a user-friendly way (yet!).

Dumping pages and pages of information into a wiki isn’t the best way to convey information. Data has to be  displayed in an engaging manner optimized for online reading.

Understanding How People Read Online

Nielson has conducted eye-tracking studies that measure how people read web pages. While we read books and printed materials from left to right (depending on the language), the layout of modern SERPs has led us to read online materials in a non-linear, pinball pattern.

When we read off a screen, especially when searching for answers, we bounce from section to section. Long, dreary pages of never-ending text simply compatible with our natural gaze patterns when we read online.

To be effective, we have to create layouts for readers that:

  • Uses virtual signposts that help users verify what they are searching for and what they’ve found;
  • Direct users’ attention to essential sections using heavy visual weights, like sub-headers, colors, and panels; 
  • Present alternatives and links for exploration;
  • Provide quick answers.

Changing your layouts and content in line with natural online reading and information-seeking behavior is the only way to ensure your Confluence pages will get used.

Using Cards and Panels

A new app designed for Confluence allows you to beautify your pages and make them more engaging and readable. Cards & Panels will enable you to highlight important information, attract and direct readers’ attention to valuable sections of text and related pages, and generally makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for.

Cards and Panels give your Confluence pages the same attractive look as web pages, making it easier for your teams to find precisely what they are looking for.

What are Panels?

The Panels macro allows you to highlight text and sections with numerous layout and color options.

What are Cards?

The Cards panel allows you to highlight your most important content. You can bring attention to your cards with thousands of free icons or add images that break up your long-form text and catch the eye.



Ready to Super Power Your Confluence Engagement?

Don’t leave your team members sifting through endless pages of text. Help them find what they are looking for at a glance with Cards and Panels. It’s a surefire way of helping Confluence gain influence in your organization.


Luisa Diederichs

5 minutes read