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Caelor develops easy-to-use app extensions for the Atlassian Cloud Ecosystem. Our apps are used in numerous solutions worldwide, by small and large companies across various industries.

Our Caelor family

All our apps aim to extend the functionality of Atlassian applications to deliver unique features and profound value to users. Now is the time to advance your Confluence and Jira with Caelor apps and become even more productive.

Custom Field Suite app

Custom Field Suite

Jira issues are made up of fields. You can decide how many fields to display when creating, editing or submitting issues. To make it more suitable for your team, you can also create custom fields and add information that better meets your needs. The ability to customize Jira to the way you work, create your own parts and set custom fields makes Jira a strong workflow management tool. Our customers, everyday Jira users, expressed a desire for more visual, eye-catching custom fields. To respond, we created this suite of various custom fields.

MacroSuite – Easy HTML, Button, Hide Content, Divider, Tabs… app

MacroSuite – Easy HTML, Button, Hide Content, Divider, Tabs…

Any information absorbed through visualization is remembered more clearly. Text has its place, but there is always room for visuals too. MacroSuite brings new formatting macros for Confluence Cloud. This app gives you the ability to create more interesting, and engaging content.

Cards & Panels app

Cards & Panels

Increase your Confluence adoption by using beautiful and intuitive content formatting macros. Use Cards to build clear overview pages and bring more structure to your Confluence pages. In combination with Panels you can make pages more legible and highlight important information. Cards & Panels is designed to be used by all users without any explanation. Just insert the macro and start typing.

Advanced Issue Links app

Advanced Issue Links

As described by Atlassian, JQL is the most powerful and flexible way to search for your issues in Jira. Regardless of your department, you need JQL when working in Jira. Advanced Issue Links lets you use JQL filters and manage your issue links in a user-friendly custom field. The app also allows users to link single or multiple issues based on their preferences. Advanced Issue Links is fully compatible with Jira Service Management.

E-mail Confluence Page app

E-mail Confluence Page

What if we told you that you could email entire Confluence pages as newsletters, meeting notes, or important company announcements? Confluence is a team workspace where knowledge and collaboration come together. It's a perfect place to spark conversations, where teams can proudly share successes, important decisions, and get instant feedback. Everything from business plan documents to welcome blogs to campaign strategies are published on Confluence. To give all this hard work more recognition and visibility we created the app Email this Page. Why create separate emails and newsletters when you can share content you already have in Confluence? The Email this Page app adds an option to all Confluence pages with a short dialog to send the entire page content, instead of just a link.

Trophies for Jira (Gamification) app

Trophies for Jira (Gamification)

We believe that even the most boring tasks can be fun. The use of gamification in business is one of the most popular practices used by innovative managers and business leaders today. Gamification is the combination of a playful approach with business activities. Almost any activity in the daily work routine can be gamified: work of service agents, the tasks of the sales department, onboarding processes or the implementation of new ideas and innovations. The awarding of points as well as the possibility to give “players” access to automatically updating ranking lists sustainably increases employee motivation. This form of healthy competition can be organized in individual teams, projects or in the entire company. With Trophies for Jira, all tasks completed daily in Atlassian tools can be gamified.


We are on a mission

We at Caelor believe passionately in the power of app development to change working live. We have set ourselves the goal of closing the gap between Atlassian Cloud and Data Center. With our app extensions, we aim to add more valuable features to the Atlassian Suite. The combination of Jira Cloud, Confluence Cloud and Caelor Apps forms the ideal basis for holistic management of teams, tasks, knowledge and projects.

There are some things you can’t do with Jira and Confluence, for everything else there is Caelor.

With a strong customer focus and closeness to our users, we want to make everyday work easier, make work fun and team collaboration even simpler by enhancing Atlassian Cloud products with small but influential features. Our apps not only strengthen the dialogue within the team but also enable customer engagement in a more intuitive, authentic and organized way.

We do
what we love

We are IT nerds, thinkers, creative minds and doers. Every day we do our best work to help others work better together and to make the Atlassian suite even better. Together with our Atlassian partners, we develop custom software solutions that are perfectly tailored to individual needs.

These values drive our decisions, how we work together and what we want to achieve.


Work together

We work together, we have fun together, and we share the same vision. Teamwork is built into our DNA.

Change for the better

At Caelor, we constantly strive for the best solution. We take the initiative and make possible what needs to happen.

Customer focus

When our customers are successful, so are we. That’s why we create easy-to-use apps that are tailored to the needs of our users.

Believe in partners

We trust our partners and we are a long-standing Atlassian partner. Besides our team and our customers we value our partnerships the most.

Trusted by 5785 users worldwide

Confluence and Jira users around the world trust us and pimp their Atlassian experience with our apps.

News and resources

Visit our blog now for exciting news and Atlassian insights. We report on use cases, technical details and best practices for Jira and Confluence Cloud.

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