Software Engineer (Java, React)

You will work with a team of great engineers and designers to build a new user experience. We ask hard questions and challenge each other to constantly improve our work. We are individually driven and team-oriented. We’re dedicated to Agile methodology and big believers in ‘lean’ (which means we don’t do the documentation for documentation’s sake). We know the importance of validating our assumptions about users, so we implement several types of testing to prove our assumptions right or wrong. Our bottom line is improving our user’s experience – no matter what.

This is a role with broad technical responsibilities. You will work on complex Java-based code on the backend with UI components built with React and other Javascript technologies. You’ll partner with product managers and designers and work with customers and the analytics team daily to make important decisions allowing Caelor to build new and improve existing products.

We’re hiring a Senior Full Stack Software Engineer with full-stack experience reporting to the Team. You are a Product Engineer previously working at a successful startup where you have had end-to-end responsibility for new customer-driven features. Together with your Team, you’ll be responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining Caelor Data Center and Cloud apps for Atlassian products.







Your responsibilities

  • Together with the Designers and Product Managers, improve the experience and product for the customer.

  • Design-build and maintain APIs and backend services in Java

  • Create new and improve existing features in Atlassian Data Center and Cloud apps

  • Write backend services in Atlassian Java SDK for Data Center products, and React and other Javascript technologies for Cloud products

  • Resolve complex customer issues involving code error diagnosis, debugging, validation, and root cause analysis.

  • Apply architectural standards to projects

Qualifications & Experience

3+ years of professional experience in a software development team

  • Experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript (jQuery and React)

  • Strong fundamental software development skills

  • Experience with common data storage technologies

  • Experience building and integrating REST APIs

  • Understand how to build performant, decoupled, testable, and maintainable code

  • Possess a deep understanding of modern web architectures and distributed systems

  • Possess practical knowledge of different approaches to Agile software development

  • Good written and verbal communication skills

  • If you’ve got some of these skills, even better:

    • Experience with Maven plugin development

    • Hands-on experience building an Atlassian plugin of any size

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