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Custom Field Suite - Powerful custom field types for Jira

Optimize business processes and boost user experience with custom field types

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Customize Jira to suit your use case

Jira issues are made up of fields. You can decide how many fields to display when creating, editing or submitting issues. To make it more suitable for your team, you can also create custom fields and add information that better meets your needs. The ability to customize Jira to the way you work, create your own parts and set custom fields makes Jira a strong workflow management tool. Our customers, everyday Jira users, expressed a desire for more visual, eye-catching custom fields. To respond, we created this suite of various custom fields.

Key benefits

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Easy to use

Simply click the Create Custom Fields button and enter one of our field names in the search box. Once you’ve added the description, link it to screens.

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Edit the default value and select different context, issue type and project. You can also create other configuration schemes too.

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Striking custom fields

From prioritization techniques to star rating, we’re here for you! Use any known T-Shirt size as a relative estimation technique.

Customize Jira with our powerful custom field types

Custom Field Suite provides you with the most common custom field types to take the UX on another level and customize Jira for different use cases. Note that the values and colours defined in this screen are default and will be used if no other configuration scheme contexts have been created.

Why we developed our app with Forge?

Forge is an app development platform designed to revolutionize how Atlassian cloud products are customized, extended, and integrated.

Forge enables building an app in minutes while the platform takes care of security, compute and storage. From testing to deploying, this Functions-as-a-Service platform has DevOps requirements covered.

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Suit Jira to yourself

Improve work processes and make everyday tasks easier for your team with powerful custom field types in Jira. Don’t forget, your idea can be a part of this app too!

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