MacroSuite Designer macro: The next big thing in Confluence design

Macro relaunch: Page Builder is now Designer

Wanna be outstanding in your field instead of inside, sitting in your (home)office chair? Well, you might want to consider improving the way you present your thoughts and ideas.

Want to know how to impress everyone with a beautiful Confluence page built in just a few clicks and establish yourself as a true knowledge influencer—or should we say #Confluencer—in your collaborative workspace?

It’s time for you to meet Designer and learn more about the massive UX and UI improvements that our design and development teams made to “the MacroSuite macro formerly known as Page Builder.” (Hey, if Prince managed to pull it off back in the ’90s, let us at least try to do something similar, of that sort, kind of. 😉)


About us template example


Meet Designer – the Page Builder 2.0 version

Something old, something new, something borrowed (well, integrated), and something blue. And no, you’re not hearing wedding bells. You’re looking at Designerthe revamped MacroSuite macro that will help you instantly change the look of your Confluence pages for the better. And don’t let having no design skills discourage you from presenting your ideas in an attractive and efficient way. Designer is here to do the job for you.


Work hard, drag and drop harder.

Never change a winning horse. So, we kept the best parts and improved the rest. No need to learn new moves as the drag and drop feature still plays a key role in Designer macro and makes it simple to add sections and elements to your brand-new Confluence page. A true classic.

UI and UX improvements bring a clean, crisp look to Designer macro, helping you power up your Confluence content creation without any handholding. Simple and intuitive from the start screen. Also, the new version allows you to drag and drop multiple macros inside of a single column. What Caelor customers request, Caelor customers get.


You get a template, and you get a template, everybody gets a template!

Bring on the new! New Designer comes packed with designer-made section templates ideal for all teams and use cases. Choose from a variety of rich layouts (Welcome, About us, Team, Services, Location) and create stunning Confluence pages from scratch in no time. Even if you don’t have a creative bone in your body. So, pick a design that works for you, customize it any way you want, and build your Confluence page 10x faster. Publish it and leave everyone wondering how you did it.


Welcome template example


Welcome template example no.2


Integrate and keep everything in one place.

Embed the most popular apps and tools to your Confluence page the easy way and gather all the info in one place. As the new integrations become available, the Designer integrations library will be expanded, but for the time being, it includes Confluence embeds for YouTube, Google Maps, LottieFiles, Figma, and Miro. Designer still remains the place where MacroSuite meets Content Viz, and please bear in mind that paid Content Viz license is needed to unlock all of the Content Viz features, including Figma and Miro embeds.


Blue is the color of all that you need.

A blue sidebar on the left has everything you need to start and finish building your Confluence page quickly. You can’t miss it. And you can easily access it. So, what is to be found there?

  • Section templates: designer-made templates selection.
  • Elements: MacroSuite macros collection.
  • Content Viz: quick access to all the Content Viz features. (*Paid license needed)
  • Images: stunning images source to boost the visual impact of your page.
  • Embed: integrations library.


Designer configuration preview


Love what you see?

No design skills needed, no time wasted; what’s not to love, right? Well, you’ll enjoy it even more because we’ll be releasing new, ready-made layouts in the coming weeks. So, this is a perfect moment to get in touch and share your wishes and any use cases you might need help with. Our design team is always up for the challenge.

Please feel free to proudly share the Confluence page designs you created with Designer with us; we would love to see what you came up with. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Curious to find out more? Check out our documentation and learn all about Designer. 

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