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Content Viz Base preview

Latest update: Now available on the Atlassian Marketplace as a FREE standalone app, Cosmos – Intranet for Confluence. Read more here.


Looking for a Swiss army knife amongst Confluence apps? Stop your search and read on to learn why Content Viz is the only app your company will need. What a bold statement, you probably just thought to yourself. Might be. But, with its upcoming update – Content Viz Base, Content Viz is boldly going where no other Confluence Cloud app has gone before. Along with its standard features – stunning blogs, spaces, people and pages overviews, Navigation Menu, Jira, Trello, Figma and Miro integrations for Confluence, the new Content Viz Base will give you everything you need to create your own Confluence Cloud intranet.


Revolutionize the way your enterprise communicates and shares information

Teams have traditionally relied on meetings and emails to stay connected and engaged, with many companies relying heavily on synchronous communication to function. However, the shift to remote work and hybrid teams has made the importance of a company intranet clear. Not only does it facilitate async communication and collaboration among employees, but it also leads to better decision-making, employee empowerment, and increased efficiency and productivity. Additionally, it enables learning, training, and career development opportunities, all of which often go unnoticed.


Almost like an intranet but so much more than that

Following and expanding the Atlassian Together vision, Content Viz first rolled out integrations for Confluence (Miro, Figma, Jira, Trello, and counting) and got teams’ favorite tools and apps on one page. And now, Content Viz Base is ready to connect teams with one app to make that teamwork a real dream work.

The new features, combined with the latest MacroSuite integration to Content Viz, help companies increase adoption of Confluence by making it more personalized (giving you more color and design customization options so you can display your corporate identity) and allowing companies to turn it into a comprehensive intranet, thus making their Confluence the go-to workspace for ALL teams.

Improve your team cooperation, foster internal communication, boost employee productivity, help co-workers stay connected, and integrate your favorite apps with the Content Viz Base.


New Content Viz Base features, new enhanced Confluence experience

The new Content Viz Base features are all about evolving and elevating the Confluence Cloud experience for all teams. The initial release of Content Viz Base will feature a People Directory, a Newsroom, and a Space Directory. Additionally, it will include an enhanced version of Integrations and Navigation Menu settings that will only be accessible to Confluence admins. So, get ready to see some serious teamwork as Content Viz Base will enable you to transform Confluence into your company’s knowledge hub, central repository, multifunctional collaboration tool, and more.


Connect the right people at the right time

The Content Viz Base People Directory offers more customization options than the native Confluence People Directory. With the Content Viz Base, you can choose which employee information to include and display, such as team, location, and birthday. Additionally, you can browse and filter the collected data, making it easy to find the people you need with the skills you are missing. Filter, connect, team up, and innovate with just a few simple clicks.


Content Viz Base: People Directory preview


Stay up-to-date with just a tap

The Newsroom is the perfect place to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest happenings in your company. With a vast collection of blog posts, you’ll have easy access to information right at your fingertips. And if you can’t find that one specific blog post you’re looking for, don’t sweat it. The Newsroom has advanced search options that will help you find exactly what you need quickly and easily.


Content Viz Base: Newsroom preview


Organize and declutter your spaces

Tired of finding your way through Confluence spaces wilderness? Reduce the clutter in your Confluence spaces with the Space Directory and organize them in helpful overviews. The easy sorting and filtering options make finding what you’re looking for simple. Say hello to a more efficient way of moving about Confluence spaces.


Content Viz Base: Space Directory preview


Maximize the power of personalization

Display content specific to the roles, interests, and location, such as news, events, announcements, and other relevant information. Use design customization options powered by the MacroSuite app and showcase your company’s unique identity in the Navigation Menu.


Navigation Menu preview


Collaborate effortlessly: easy access to your favorite tools

Discover the power vested in Confluence admins and explore new Integrations settings. Open the Confluence gateway to your favorite collaboration apps and tools (Trello, Jira, Figma, Miro) in a few clicks.
Embed Jira, Trello, Figma, and Miro in Confluence, and present your project in a clear and visually appealing way, work out the details, and monitor task progress – all on one page.


Join our Content Viz Base Beta squad

If you wish to power up your Confluence experience and give that extra kick to your productivity, make sure to sign up for our Content Viz Base Beta waitlist and be among the first to see a preview of the new features. Find new ways to boost your productivity and get inspired to take the first step in creating your Confluence Cloud intranet.

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