Customize your Confluence pages and spaces’ overviews with Content Viz

If you’ve used Confluence before, you’re already aware of how simple it is to create attractive pages with compelling content. However, you may have noticed that getting a glance at that great content requires a few extra steps and clicks.

Navigating Confluence to find the information you require can be a tedious task. And you’ve most likely had your fill of them. So, action was needed. And the Caelor crew was quick to respond. Work smarter, not harder, right?

It’s about time we introduced you to the Content Viz experience that will make navigating Confluence easier. Read on and learn how to create and customize the Content Viz pages and spaces’ overviews that are simple, well-organized, and effective.


Search for Confluence pages and spaces that are most meaningful to you

We’ll all agree it’s amazing what you can do in Confluence. Every week, Confluence users take myriad actions – from creating blogs and pages to launching new spaces and much more.



Still, staying focused and productive while catching up on everything can be challenging. That’s why Caelor redesigned the Confluence pages and spaces’ overviews to make them more concise and user-friendly. You can now easily search for Confluence pages and spaces most meaningful to you and save time with the help of the Content Viz app. The best part? You can do it in just a few clicks. After all, it’s no secret that simplicity is at the heart of everything we do. So, let’s dive right into it and see Content Viz in action.


Streamline your Confluence navigation with Content Viz pages and spaces’ overviews

The Content Viz app provides a streamlined Confluence navigation experience by helping you to bring up a collection of multiple pages or spaces. But that’s not all. Content Viz also allows you to customize your overview pages. Simply select the content type you want to present on your overview page and witness the Content Viz magic.

  • Choose Pages if you want to assemble helpful guidelines, the latest meeting notes, or collect related pages together. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the Content Viz Page macro allows you to gather both Confluence pages and Confluence blogs on your overview page.
  • Choose Spaces to navigate people through your growing information architecture easily.



Once you’ve chosen the preferred content type, it’s time to decide on the preferred view type for your pages and spaces’ overviews. And don’t worry, you don’t have to commit to anything. In case you change your mind, you can easily change the view type, too.

  • Pages overview view types include Card, Compact Card, List, and Compact List.
  • Spaces overview view types include Card and List.

To additionally customize your pages and spaces’ overviews in Confluence, apply different filters:

  • Pages overview filters include Pages under, Labels, Spaces, and Contributors.
  • Spaces overview filters include Categories, Type, and Status.


Why Content Viz?

Content Viz makes it easy to create simple overviews that are both engaging and concise. And, according to our customers, it proved to be of great help when onboarding new employees. An overview of all important Confluence pages and spaces will significantly help new hires quickly become productive. So why not use Content Viz to make things easy for everyone? Let’s not forget that an employee onboarding plan is more than just saying: “Welcome aboard!

Additionally, Content Viz helps you create more visually appealing and professional Confluence pages. Avoid overlinking and confusing your readers by redirecting them to additional information. Instead, insert the Content Viz Pages macro and create an overview of all the relevant Confluence pages. “Read more” never looked more sophisticated!



Thanks to its Dynamic feature, Content Viz keeps all your Confluence pages and spaces’ overviews fresh and relevant. You don’t have to keep tabs on pages and spaces that interest you the most, as Content Viz automatically updates all your overviews.

Keep in mind that while work is infinite, time is finite. So, take advantage of Content Viz and save as much of it as you can.


But that’s not all, folks: the latest in the Content Viz app

One of the key features of the Content Viz app is that you can choose between multiple view options. With the latest version, we decided to take it further and introduce a new pagination option – Carousel Pagination. Click the right or left angle bracket and browse your overview pages the new way.


Keep in touch!

We want to make Confluence a pleasant, productive home for all types of work, where users can easily navigate and find the information they need while staying focused on the task at hand. Content Viz is just one of the examples of our commitment. As always, we rely heavily on user research and customer feedback to take our apps to the next level. So, if you’d like to improve your Confluence experience, feel free to reach out and share your ideas!

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