Cards & Panels is now Content Viz!


Cards & Panels has been one of the leading Confluence Cloud Apps in the field of content visualization for over a year now. Not only the wide portfolio of features based on user feedback has increased enormously, but also the number of users. We have now taken this growth as an opportunity to make the app’s value more comprehensible, to improve the user experience and, most importantly, to continue integrating innovative features.

We are now excited to announce that we have successfully completed the realization of the new concept and Cards & Panels has become Content Viz! We are more than happy with the overall result and look forward to providing you with many new features and possibilities within the app. Content Viz continues to stand now more than ever for effortless, stunning visualizations that capture your audience’s attention.

What’s new?

With the rollout of the dynamic Content Card macro that enabled you to group and highlight different content types such as blogs, pages, people or spaces, Content Viz offers a unique app functionality on the Atlassian Marketplace. Due to high demand, we extracted the dynamic cards and integrated them into the macro for content cards: Content Viz. Based on valuable user feedback, the content card macro has been completely redesigned.

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