Best Confluence page design ideas

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As humans, we are wired to absorb information much more easily through visualization. So, it is not surprising that Confluence pages that contain images, colors, and graphs always tend to be more engaging and attractive.

Confluence has some customization options built in from Atlassian, but for a truly personalized experience, you’ll need more. Fortunately, there are a number of versatile tools and macros that can assist in improving the aesthetics and usability of your Confluence pages.

Great customization power comes from dynamic and compelling macros. After all, macros are what gives you extra formatting options to organize your page using various assets and dynamic content, such as YouTube videos or Lottie animations. They can also help you edit the layout of a page using sections, thus making it more captivating. Two that stand out are Content Viz and MacroSuite.


Confluence page design examples


Customizing Confluence pages with Content Viz and MacroSuite

Confluence is an incredibly popular platform, with over 75,000 users worldwide. Most of them use Confluence as a wiki-like tool, where teams can share knowledge and collaborate on projects. However, competing for employees’ attention using text-only pages can be challenging – as they also need to keep track of emails, meetings, and several other apps and pages.

Which is exactly why many customers have turned to Content Viz and MacroSuite macros to customize their Confluence pages to make them more attractive and engaging.


Confluence page design made easier

With Content Viz and MacroSuite apps, you can build pages from scratch or use pre-existing templates. MacroSuite’s Designer, in particular, has become a leading Confluence tool with a broad portfolio of macros that are constantly updated based on user feedback.

Speaking of Designer, we should let you know our team recently came out with a major (and we mean *MAJOR*) UX and UI makeover of one of MacroSuite’s most potent macros.

So, where were we?

Ok. From Confluence dashboards, company style guides, partner portals, and more, all is possible with Content Viz and MacroSuite. So let’s take a look at some of the Confluence page designs to see the range of what can be achieved using Content Viz and MacroSuite.


Confluence page design ideas

Need some Confluence #inspo? Check out some of the Confluence page designs powered by Content Viz and MacroSuite macros.


Confluence Dashboard




Confluence Landing Page



Company News in Confluence


Company news in Confluence example


Company Style Guide in Confluence


Confluence Company style guide example


Partner Portal in Confluence


Confluence Partner Portal example


Company Benefits Page in Confluence




Team Page in Confluence



Step up your Confluence design game

Making a visually appealing Confluence page is only one aspect of good design. It’s about creating a positive user experience with every interaction. And that is precisely where Content Viz and MacroSuite macros come into play, as they help you create an enjoyable and seamless Confluence experience in just a few clicks.

Thanks to the rich offer of predesigned templates available within macros, it’s never been easier to create a customized Confluence page design that stands out. And things got better and simpler with the new release of the Designer macro. Brimming with gorgeous and easily customizable predesigned templates, the revamped Designer macro has a design for every use case.

So, if you’re wondering how to create a customized Confluence page design that stands out, know that the solution and MacroSuite Designer macro are here for you!


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