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The power of company Confluence

Flexing with your workplace flexibility? And don’t get us wrong here: you should. But only if you have the right tools to handle it successfully and effectively. Otherwise, it’s just another buzzword in your corporate lingo that sounds oh, so lovely but brings nothing to your employees. If anything, it becomes a punchline of their in-jokes.


Hybrid team

Hybrid team


According to the most recent round of Atlassian research, having the freedom to work where and how you choose has a considerable positive impact on outcomes linked to innovation, well-being, burnout, and perceptions of company culture. And the list doesn’t stop there. As it turns out, it also helps foster happier and higher-performing teams.

Yet, building your business on hybrid and remote teams also has its share of challenges. For starters, the knowledge and information are shared among multiple teams, which may also be in different locations. See the problem?

Okay, now that we’ve identified the source of the issue, let’s see what you can do about it.


Work where you choose with Confluence. And we mean it.

Given that your teams and the information are dispersed across many locations, you may wonder how to align and set your hybrid team up for success. And make it work for everyone.

Here us out: with Confluence!

And you’ve probably seen this one coming. After all, it’s no secret that we at Caelor are Confluence’s biggest stans and advocates.

Confluence’s adaptability and versatility are why we recommend it as the answer to any issue related to hybrid work and team collaboration. It enables teams to work from any location while simulating the typical workday in an office. You can easily mention a colleague on the Confluence page and get the answer and the information you need rather than dragging your office chair across the large open office area to ask them a brief question.


Company dashboard

Company Dashboard


You can quickly save and even faster search whatever you need in your Confluence workspace instead of going through your inboxes, shared files and drives, group and private chats in search of info, attachment, or a link you need. Not to mention the dashboard and the activity feed that allow you to keep up with everything that’s happening even if you’re not in the office that day.

And let’s not even begin to discuss how easy it is to create and collaborate on Confluence pages. We could talk about it for days. The page editor is easy to use, and by utilizing templates and macros, you can create content and share knowledge with the entire team more quickly. And just like that, in no time, your company Confluence becomes the single source of truth, easily accessible to everyone. Whatever you need, regardless of the team you belong to, is all there. In Confluence.


Work how you choose with Content Viz integrations. And we make it happen.

Now that we covered “the freedom to work where you choose,” let’s see how Content Viz can help you with “the freedom to work how you choose” part of the deal.

The most recent Content Viz feature additions, third-party integrations for Confluence, give hybrid teams the freedom to choose and use various apps and tools to complete their tasks without interfering with the efficient workflow.

Wait, what does it mean, exactly?

Basically, with these third-party (non-Atlassian and Atlassian) integrations, you can embed and display different apps and tools on a single Confluence page by using just one app – Content Viz.

Simply put, everyone on the team gets to use their weapon/app of choice (wait, are we talking about weAPPon here?), allowing everyone to maintain their work freedom, flexibility, and autonomy.


Content Viz start screen

Content Viz


For example, the design and development team will use Figma for prototyping, the marketing team will use Miro for brainstorming and planning, and since they all work on the same project, they will all use Confluence for documenting. So, even though each team member has different responsibilities, roles, and tasks that call for different tools and apps (Figma, Miro, Jira, etc.), Content Viz helps everyone to effortlessly share and embed their “external” work into Confluence – where all these teams meet, and collaboration happens. Additionally, it makes it simple to keep track of a project’s status and progress across many apps, all in one place.

And sure, adjusting to different work habits and workstyles is necessary while working in a team, especially a hybrid one. But hybrid team collaboration doesn’t have to be a work nightmare. Because now, you know that at the end of the day, with the help of Content Viz, all information will come together on a single Confluence page.


Mission about to be accomplished: Atlassian Together and Content Viz visions alignment

With the announcement of its newest program, Atlassian Together, Atlassian opens the door for team-centric collaboration by providing each team with structure, freedom, and autonomy while ensuring alignment across the organization.

With the third-party integrations for Confluence, Content Viz is complying with the Atlassian mission and again reaffirms Caelor as an Atlassian Marketplace leader. Always on the right track and always up to date with the most recent workplace trends.

So, organize and streamline your internal information flow with Confluence and Content Viz and foster a positive work environment for your hybrid team today!

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